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DEVELOPMENT TYPE: Temporary Accommodation Facility

On behalf of the client, ADTP obtained development consent for the development of temporary accommodation facility to the west of the existing Blayney Tourist Park (Quamby Place,Blayney).  The proposed development was in place for a couple of years, after which time all temporary structures on the site were removed.

A Section 68 Approval application (Local Government Act 1993) was also lodged for the placement of temporary structures on the property, as well as for connections to water, storm water and sewer services.  A Construction Certificate was lodged for the civil works.

The proposal involved:

  • 200 accommodation units within 50 individual portable buildings;
  •  Kitchen and dining building (for 150 people) – temporary buildings;
  • Laundry – temporary building;
  • Toilet block – temporary building;
  • Office (including first aid room) – temporary building;
  • Recreation Room – temporary buildings;
  • Roads and footpaths;
  • Relocation of the existing children’s playground (onto Blayney Tourist Park Site);
  • Car and bus parking (114 car spaces and bus bays along main access road);
  • Infrastructure works (water, sewer, electricity, gas and telecommunications – including broadband);
  • Landscaping; and
  • Bus shelters (2) within Quamby Place.

ADTP was the lead consultant for the project and provided the following services:

  • Town planning advice
  • Preparation of the Development Application
  • Architectural plans
  • Survey
  • Statement of Environmental Effects
  • Engineering Plans (Civil and Structural
  • Coordination of the Consultant team